Taupo Fly Fishing Report 8 April 2021

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We’ve had an awesome summer in the Taupo region, as was to be expected after such a stunning winter season with great numbers of healthy trout spawning and returning to the lake. Backcountry fisheries are in great condition too at the moment, although the Mohaka fishing has been a bit off since a massive flood right at the end of …

Bobs nice brownie fly fishing Taupo backcountry

Taupo fly fishing report 17 December 2019

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Rain arrived in the Taupo region today but we’ve had a couple of great patches of hot weather setting the scene for cicada and dry fly activity on our favourite Taupo rivers and backcountry hotspots. Earlier in the month saw some great fly fishing action in the Tongariro River on dry-fly dropper rigs with size 14 and 16 Pheasant Tail …

Big Tongariro Rainbow trout

Taupo fly fishing report 19 September 2019

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Whilst we have had some long patches with no rain, the winter fly fishing round Taupo rivers has still offered some great sport with quality fish being landed. As with the last five years or more, it seems a lot of trout are spawning in September and later instead of the June-July period they used to. The Tongariro and Hinemaia …

Taupo Fly Fishing Report 6 July 2019

Taupo fly fishing report 6 July 2019

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The Taupo winter fly fishing season has started with a hiss and a roar and with many locals saying the fresh run trout are in the best condition they’ve seen in a few years. We had some beautifully conditioned brownies coming into many of the Lake Taupo rivers earlier in the year, and now most of the rainbows we are …

Big Taupo spawning rainbow trout and Jack

Taupo fly fishing report 4 February 2019

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This must be one of the best summers for fly fishing we’ve had in a long time! Before Christmas saw some incredible evening caddis action, and now its all go right around the great lake. Long hot days with the odd patch of rain in the middle have meant an explosion of insect life, and then days and days of …

Hinemaia River 7 pound rainbow trout

Taupo fly fishing report 25 November 2018

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Taupo has been crazy over the weekend with the Round The Lake Cycle Challenge bringing in about 7,000 cyclists and 10,000 supporters. It would have been a bugger for any anglers arriving in town thinking they could just find a place to stay, and ending up sleeping in their car! Unfortunately for the cyclists, it has been a wet and …

Tongariro brown trout fly fishing March 2018

Taupo fly fishing report 13 September 2018

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It’s coming up to mid-September and we are still due for some major runs of trout in the Tongariro and other local rivers. Heavy rain in the last fortnight did not bring the expected large numbers of Rainbows up, but also did not bring flood damage to existing redds. Over the last seven years, DOC fish trap counts have shown over 60% …

Steve Taupo backcountry rainbow trout

Taupo fly fishing report 13 August 2018

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Around Taupo and Turangi all the anglers are waiting for rain, with reports of trout stacked at the river-mouths waiting to run. Most people agree it’s a late season, yet there are still plenty of fish up our local rivers and great sport to be had. This six and a half pounder was caught on a 4/5 weight rod and …

Tongariro summer trophy brown trout

Taupo fly fishing report 5 July 2018

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Winter is here on the Central Plateau but with the warmer temperature and not enough rain, the big fish runs haven’t truly kicked in yet. The Tongariro River saw some good early rains bringing big Brownies through the Turangi pools, but the Rainbows haven’t followed in numbers. Your traditional winter nymphs will be the most productive way to catch them as of …

Erwin Taupo backcountry monster rainbow trout

Taupo fly fishing report 6 May 2018

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April’s been a great month in the Taupo region for catching big Brown Trout. Earlier in the month, we had clients landing brownies up to 6lbs in the Waitahanui (and losing bigger ones), while last weekend with the heavy rain anglers were catching even bigger ones in the Tongariro with a couple over 10 lbs reported. The Waitahanui is holding a lot …