taupo backcountry rainbow trout caught summer 2023

Taupo Fly Fishing Report & Review Autumn 2023

Roy Bowers General

Well it’s been the crappiest summer we’ve had here in Taupo in over a decade. It has been frustrating because the last couple of summers were great with some exceptional fishing, but due to closed borders we couldn’t share it with friends and clients from overseas. If we wind back the clock, 2022 was an odd year for fly fishing …

Nick holding rainbow trout caught with NZFC Taupo Fly Fishing Guides

Taupo Turangi Fly Fishing Report 10 June 2021

Roy Bowers General

Everyone around Taupo and Turangi is waiting for the fishing to go off but May has been a fairly dry settled month in the Taupo region and the lake is incredibly low. We keep watching for rain but we’ve have no big storm yet to get the rivers up and kick things off. What this does mean is that when …