There are a number of online resources available to help anglers in the Taupo region check conditions and decide where to go.  Flyfishing in New Zealand, as in any part of the world can be weather dependent and affected by river and lake water levels, as well as river flows.  Some of the best winter fishing for spawning trout can be when the river levels have been up and are dropping again fast.

The websites below are updated constantly and are used by many Taupo fishing guides and local anglers.  We hope that you find them useful as well.  Just click on the links to visit the relevant website.

Tongariro River Level - this shows the river flow near Turangi, you can change the time range on the graph

Tauranga Taupo River Level - you can change the time range above this graph

Tongariro River live webcam

Sunrise and Sunset times for Taupo