Tongariro & Mohaka River Raft Fly Fishing Trips

The Mohaka and Tongariro Rivers in the central North Island of New Zealand offer a unique fly fishing experience. Unlike the US, we don't fish from moving rafts but use them to get from pool to pool in remote parts of a river. This type of fly fishing is best done in summer, and due to the raft cost, is often popular with small groups of angling friends who share the experience and the expense. The fun of rafting is of course amplified when you hook into some beautiful trout during the day as well. Contact Us to learn more.

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Backcountry Fly Fishing
Tongariro River & Winter Fly Fishing
Trophy Brown Trout Fishing
Dryfly Fly Fishing
Taupo Stillwater Fly Fishing
North Island Helicopter Fly Fishing
Spring Creeks