Taupo Fly Fishing Report 23 August 2013

Posted by admin on August 23, 2013

Well we had some heavy rain during the week – a real hum dinger of a storm over night on Wednesday night but it seems to have been more around Taupo and the ranges and as such has not put the river levels up.  The Tongariro went up to 30 cumecs overnight and has dropped down again so not enough water to really get trout moving, we normally consider a good burst of rain to push it into the 100 to 200 cumec range.  You can keep an eye on local Taupo rivers levels from this page.

As I write it’s a calm misty morning in Taupo and perfect conditions to get out and cast a wetline into the heads of some of the deeper Tongariro pools.  Pools round the bridge and township have had a bit of a hammering of late, so apply the rule that if you have to walk a bit further, such as down to the Reed pool, then with luck there may be fewer anglers.

If you are around Turangi and want to try somewhere new its an easy drive to the Whanganui river and there are lots of small to mid-sized Rainbows and Browns to catch.  This can be a fun day or half day trip but you will need a national licence as your Taupo fishing licence does not apply.

The Tauranga Taupo can be a bit hit and miss and may have some pods of fresh trout in it from the rain, and as always you need to move and test all the pools and runs to find them. Here's a little Whanganui Brownie below.

Dan Love with first ever Brown Trout

The Hinemaia and Waitahanui are still holding good numbers, although many of the fish have been in the rivers a long time and are quite dark.  That said we watched a stunning fresh run double figure Brownie under one of the upper bridges on the Waitahanui on Sunday.  It was in a spot you couldn’t get a fly too and of course this is one of the reasons these guys get so big. 

As noted in previous fishing reports, with the low conditions, especially when the sun comes out, apply summer rigs with long leaders and small naturals.  Fish the riffles and always fish up through a pool instead of charging straight to your favourite spot as there are always fish moving through.

We have a full moon at the moment in Taupo which doesn’t help the river mouth fishing, but there are westerlies and showers forecast for this afternoon which could make the Waitahanui and other eastern river mouths fish well tonight.  Why spend a Friday night at the pub or watching TV when you can be waste deep on the lake edge wrapped in thermals??

Yet again the weather forecasters are predicting rain at the end of next week.  They keep getting it wrong, but at some stage we are going to have a good period of rain and when it does we will see A LOT of fresh fish running – so bring it on!

Until next time, keep warm and tight lines…