Taupo Fly Fishing Report 18 Sept 2015

Posted by admin on September 17, 2015

We've had a patch of clear weather with no substantial rain over the last couple of weeks, which means lower clear conditions in most Taupo rivers, but also some stunning days to enjoy.  The weather is breaking today with low cloud and drizzle overnight and rain expected to settle for the next few days which will undoubtedly trigger more fish to enter the rivers.  Over the last decade or more over half of all spawning trout have run in September or later.  This is a great time to fish as the days are longer and warmer and there are less anglers on most rivers.


The Tongariro continues to produce with many regular anglers considering this to be the best season in seven or more years.  Nymphing and wetlining is working well, with small glow bugs still most popular but small caddis's getting results, along with green Woolly Buggers and small red Rabbits.  In the clearer conditions remember to add a foot to your leader or take it down a size.  Mid and upper pools have been delivering with morning through to about ten a good time in the Major Jones and Hydro, then back on the water about two for afternoon activity.  Rain over the weekend may change this and bring fresh fish into the lower pools up to the Bridge Pool.

The Tauranga-Taupo as always can be incredible but has on and off days.  You need to move around a bit and find where the pods of trout are holding.  With no substantial rain it has got tougher to fish but all this will likely change in the next week.

The Hinemaia has had alot of fishing pressure for about the third year in a row.  There are still some good hard fighting rainbows in there but most are now very dark and many spook easily so a quiet approach is needed.  On clear days don't get hung up on the ones you can see in the smooth water as they can prove frustrating, but try the ripples in the tails of runs as the fish are less spooky.

The Waitahanui has also been a little tough by all accounts, with the usual big fish taunting anglers but then difficult to hook.  There have been some good fresh fish caught in the middle pools as the westerly winds have helped get fish moving.  This has also made the rip productive on a few of the evenings with one hog to remember caught last week.

With the weather outlook our recommendation for the coming week would be to walk the lower and middle Tongariro to find pods of fresh run fish.  Later in the week as the weather clears try the middle Waitahanui pools.

Until next time, tight lines and good luck! Remember to send us any photos or stories via our Facebook page or Twitter account or Google+.

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