Taupo Fly Fishing Report 16 Sept 2014

Posted by admin on September 15, 2014

We’ve had some good heavy rain over the last few days and nights which will get more fish moving, along with the extra flow in the Tongariro river from the recreational releases.  You can see river flow graphs on our river flow page here.  Before the rain, conditions have been low and clear and rivers like the Tauranga-Taupo and Waitahanui have been quite difficult for many.

Over the last few years the Department of Conservation reports have shown the majority of trout, particularly Rainbows, don’t move into the Taupo rivers until September and later.  This makes Spring fly fishing some of the best in the year as there are more fresh fish, often fewer anglers, and the days are a little longer and a little warmer.

With higher flows the wet-liners have been doing well on the Tongariro, with the usual flies being green and brown Woolly Buggers and size 8 red Rabbit also getting results.  When the flow is up remember to fish the fringes of pools before charging in past your knees.  We have guided novices many times who have been unable to cast far but have hooked trout in close when the water was slightly murky.  If the river is racing then trout are naturally going to seek the most economical flows with least resistance so they can preserve energy.  The town pools on the Tongariro fished well on Saturday and those fish will have moved up further, whilst fresh runs will have come in over night.  This is good news as it means there are fresh run trout all through the river.  If you have a favourite pool then get there and have a crack.  If you are unsure then try the Bain or Swirl pools down lower, or up round Red Hut are good choices.  If you are nymphing test out the size of Glo-Bugs you use in these conditions as you may be surprised that a larger size attracts the fresh runners.


The Tauranga-Taupo has been tricky with low conditions and fish moving fast through pools.  As always you almost need your running shoes on to cover as much as you can!  Recent rains have helped and the river has fewer cars in the carpark at the moment so is worth a go.  Nymphing with an attractor bomb and then a small natural should do the trick.

The Hinemaia River has been well-fished this winter with anglers everywhere and many having good success.  There are a lot of dark fish in the system and due to clear conditions we have been fishing the runs with summer-length leaders and tiny natural nymphs.

The Waitahanui has not had the volumes of trout it normally has through it.  The seasons started well with a number of sinister looking big Brown trout moving into the upper reaches, many looking more like big logs than fish.  However the Rainbows have not arrived in volume, so fingers crossed a combination of some good westerlies and late season runs will improve matters.

We have seen some smelt activity already in Lake Taupo with Shags diving and few trout surfacing around Wharewaka Point and Five Mile Bay, this is a good sign and signals the start of shoreline fly fishing which is great fun.

Rain is forecast around Lake Taupo into next weekend, which is good for the lake level and the anglers as it should get more fish moving up river.

Until next time, tight lines and good luck! Remember to send us any photos or stories via our Facebook page or Twitter account or Google+.

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