Taupo Fly Fishing Report 16 February 2013

Posted by admin on February 15, 2013

Fly fishing in the Taupo region has been awesome these last weeks and the outlook just gets better with more dry weather on the way and the Passion Hoppers about to start.

Where do we start... The local rivers are fishing well whether you want to stand at a river mouth or scout up the banks.  Big brown trout are in the Tongariro and Waitahanui rivers, although the Waitahanui ones are notoriously spooky this time of year.  You'll need good long leaders up to two rod lengths and size 16 nymphs such as CDCs and Flashbacks.

There have been some good evening rises on the Tongariro, a Sporting Caddis is a good option and you need to wait and watch where the fish are rising before wading in, as often they are right in close in the slower water on the sides of long ripples. The action may only last 20 minutes but it can be fast and furious.

Whanganui River 5_LB Brown Trout

Another option at Waitahanui if you want to catch a big brownie is to get out in the rip for a couple of hours from around 7pm onwards. This is great fun for beginners as if you hook-up there are less snags than a river and the trout can tear out into the lake.

The backcountry rivers are fishing well, and if you are happy catching 3 lbers then the Whanganui River is a good option.  Its an easy drive from Taupo or Turangi and has alot of Brown trout in the shallows at the moment.  One of our guys got smoked by a big brownie last week that took nearly all his backing and wrapped him round a rock.

The three southern stillwaters are all fishing well with Kuratau having alot of activity on these hot days.  You can stalk the edges near the sticks, or a kayak or dinghy are even better.  Try a dry-fly dropper with a size 16 natural on the end and you could be in for some great action.

That should be enough to keep you going! Tight lines until next time...