Taupo Fly Fishing Report 16 December 2013

Posted by admin on December 15, 2013

The cicadas have been out singing on the last few warmer days.  They are a terrible distraction when you have to mow the lawns or dig the garden and you wish you were down on the river casting a cicada imitation to a big Brown trout!

Taupo has had some wacky weather over the last week, with rain followed by very hot spells, and a couple of big thunder storms with dramatic lightening shows.

As we have reported earlier, there are tonnes of smelt in the lake at the moment and you can have a lot of fun walking the shoreline looking for ‘boil-ups’ as the sea fishermen call them.  We don’t get the diving Gannets but you will see trout carving through the middle of the schools of smelt.  If you have a kayak or boat get out and drift and cast to them.  Anywhere from Waitahanui up to Wharewaka point is a good starting point.


If you do have a boat then get over to the Western Bays as this is the best time of the year.  The smelting from the shore or boat is awesome and then break for a bite for dinner before hitting the stream mouths with a green or brown Woolly Bugger.  The moon is full at the moment so not ideal, but as soon as it wanes a little give the night fishing a crack as there are some great conditioned Brownies being caught.

Local Taupo rivers were higher than normal but the last couple of hot days have helped and there is insect activity on the water in the mid afternoon and evenings.

Lake Kuratau is also improving and makes for a fun days as there is a big population of 2-3 pound Rainbow trout and some much bigger Brown trout lurking there as well.

We have a mix of sun and showers forecast for the next week, so there will be many opportunities to get amongst the action!

Until next time, tight lines and good luck! Remember to send us any photos or stories via our Facebook page or Twitter account or Google+.

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