Taupo Fly Fishing Report 16 August 2013

Posted by admin on August 16, 2013

Fly fishing in the Taupo region at the moment is awesome with a lot of big fat fish in the rivers.

We have had rain on and off this week but not the deluge that the weather wizards predicted, but just showers and one good hail storm that lasted about an hour.  The low pressure though has been enough to get some good runs of fresh Rainbows heading up the local Taupo rivers.  This has been enough to make the fly fishing fire up over the last week.

Although the rivers have generally remained quite clear the fish are still running mainly at night, and you’ll see them often in the tails of pools first thing in the morning.  A lot of fish are being found in very low and clear riffle type water and can be easily spotted but also easily spooked.  With the clear water you need to be extra careful in your approach and treat the water the same as you would in summer.  It can be a good idea to take your indicator off (if nymphing) as the big winter type indicators can spook fish, and as they race off they spook others in the pool as well.

For first thing in the morning or at the end of the day, try small flash tail glo bugs as these have been working really well in poor light.  During the lighter hours try small size 16# and 14# naturals such as Hare and Copper, Cadillac, and Claret nymphs along with green and white Caddis flies which have worked well on certain days. We’ve just added a new fly tying pattern to our Youtube channel so have a look below.

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All local rivers have good numbers of fish.  The Tongariro is chock full at the moment and enjoying some of the best winter fly fishing in five years or more, if you enjoy wet lining then this is the place to go.  The Hinemaia has good numbers of good sized trout and now there are more fresh silver bullets showing up amongst the darker fish.  The Waitahanui also has good numbers and whilst its great spotting them, it can be more of a challenge hooking and landing strong hard fighting Rainbow trout here.

Most of the local river mouths have been reasonably consistent as there are lots of trout in the vicinity waiting to run the rivers, and many of these are in stunning condition. Change of light is the best time for these and try small white Boobies on sinking lines and small smelt type patterns on intermediate lines.

More heavy rain is predicted next Tuesday onwards but we’ll believe it when we see it.  Don’t wait for the rain though as the fishing is awesome right now and the conditions on the rivers make the fly fishing very enjoyable.

Until next time, tight lines and good luck! Remember to send us any photos or stories via our Facebook page or Twitter account.

Gary Lyttle

The New Zealand Fly Fishing Company