Taupo Flyfishing Report 8 February 2012

Posted by admin on February 8, 2012

The flyfishing in the Taupo district over the last couple of weeks has been amazing.  We have had little time to tweet or complete a fishing report because we have been out there enjoying it with clients and friends.

The cicadas are everywhere and the trout are chomping them.  A true cicada summer happens only once every few years and this is the best flyfishing with dryfly cicada immitations that I can remember.  We've had a number of clients from the UK who have been lucky enough to experience this incredible fishing for themselves.

I also had the pleasure of guiding the President of Scott Rods and the CEO of Airflo while they were in New Zealand and although time was limited they had a taste of what the Taupo fishery has to offer.

Seven pound Taupo stillwater rainbow

All local Taupo rivers are now clear and stable.  The last week or so of hot weather brought the Cicadas out by the thousands and the noise in the bush can be deafening.  High country bush clad rivers have been the places to be where the Cicadas are most prolific but they are also along the bank of all the local Taupo rivers.  The Tongariro has seen some great fishing throughout its length each day but the  weather needs to be good and overcast cooler days will see less surface activity so it pays to keep an eye on the forecast.

Try using any big rubber legged dark Stimulater patterns sized from 8# to 6# and don't worry too much about your presentation as the bigger the splash with the fly the better !!!

The fishing on Lake Taupo has been fantastic as well with very fat rainbows being landed chock full of smelt.  This is a very good indicator that the 2012 winter season will be better than the last few.  If you want to try something different get out early in a canoe or boat and cast a small green orbit or gray ghost on a slow sinking line 50 to 100 meters off shore anywhere between Two Mile Bay and Waitahanui.  You are likely to hook some fat rainbows and with luck the odd big brownie.  Once the sun hits the water change tactics and go hunting where the Cicadas are on the water.

If we are lucky and have good weather we will hopefully enjoy some excellent Cicada fishing through February and into early March.

Get out there and enjoy it.  As one well-travelled client from England told me last week - we don't know how lucky we are...