Taupo Flyfishing Report 6 July

Posted by admin on July 6, 2011

Taupo's local smaller lakes and the remaining backcountry rivers are now closed for all fishing until October the 1st.  There are still lots of smaller Waikato Spring Creeks left open for flyfishing just an hour away.  They can offer excellent flyfishing this time of year with small nymphs and there is always a chance of bigger fish at this time of year. My favourite venues for the winter are these little crystal clear creeks because they offer so much variation and so many methods work from dries to spiders, sunken woollies and heavy nymphs all have their day.

Local Taupo waters are low and clear but I got some time in on the Tongariro today trying a number of techniques.

Started on the Tongariro today  with the double hander dredging all the deep guts tucked under the far banks on the big pools to no avail.  Then fished the rock wall 13 feet deep with small nymphs tight in to all the deep edges still to no avail.  On the way home I stopped off at the Hinemaia for a few smaller fish and fluked one big Jack bow out on the cheq nymph rig which was a good end to the day.

Some big Browns have been reported from the Waitahanui this week, but they are getting harder to tempt with the clearer conditions.  If you need a break you can always try planking on the Seat of Knowledge at the Waitahanui river mouth.

The Waitahanui Seat of Knowledge

All Taupo and surrounding waters need a fresh rain through the system to get the fish moving upstream.  The good news is we have seen the barometer and lake temp finally starting to drop this week and there is snow on the mountains at last so the skiers at least will be happy now.  Big rains are forecast just before the weekend and as I write I can hear the rain falling on the roof so it should all be on for the fishing  by Saturday.
Tight Lines to all
Gary Lyttle