Taupo Flyfishing Report 3 Aug 2011

Posted by admin on August 3, 2011

Taupo flyfishing has been going great guns over the last few weeks with good rain coinciding with a drop in temperature and hardly any moon.  There were also some good strong Westerlies blowing which made a perfect scenario for great trout fishing in the Taupo region.  Local rivers such as the Tongariro, Tauranga Taupo, Hinemaia and Waitahanui all responded immediately with good pulses of fresh trout coming up to spawn.   Anglers had luck both at the river mouths on certain days, and throughout the rivers.

Waitahanui Rivermouth Spawning Runs

This week has been more challenging as the river levels recede and the water becomes clearer.  Good trout are still around but become increasingly wary and more of a challenge to catch.

We sometimes hear people complaining that the fishing is no good until the next fresh run as the water gets too clear and low.  This just requires a change of tactics.  Fishing on the river with huge indicators the size of sparrows and 10 and 12lb line and big size #8 eggs in low and clear water will simply not work.  To stay successful in these clearer conditions it is vital you adapt to the conditions on the day.

As the water starts to get clearer you need to fine your equipment down to near summer tactics and you may be surprised how successful you are.  To start, reduce your tippet down to 5 or 6lbs, and use smaller weighted naturals 12#s and #14s.  As noted you also need to reduce the size of the indicator and stay on the move.  Avoid wading if you don’t have to as many trout will be hugging the sides of the bank away from the main current.  If you take time you can spot them and cast to them from the bank.  If you are not careful and wade too much you risk not just spooking one fish but all the fish in the pool, many of which you may not have even noticed yet. On our website we have useful links to local Taupo river flows and other indicators.

These are just a few pointers to try and help you enjoy the Taupo flyfishing more in between the rains when the going gets a bit harder.  If you are visiting and the locals are catching all around you, just go and politely ask what they are using and how they are doing it.  Most Taupo anglers are very friendly and only too happy to help.  The other option is to come fishing with us for a day or two to learn the ropes.

We have our latest one minute Youtube flyfishing video up with some highlights from the last 6 months of flyfishing so check it out.

Until next time, tight lines.