Taupo Flyfishing Report 21 Sept

Posted by admin on September 21, 2011

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Good rains last week and over the weekend brought some strong runs of fresh trout into most rivers flowing into Lake Taupo. A strong westerly wind last Tuesday also coincided with rain which made it a great day for those lucky enough to be out braving the weather and enjoying the flyfishing.

Good Taupo winter brown trout

The Tongariro did not get a spike but the fish did run in good numbers again, with Tuesday and Wednesday the days to be out there.  Other local rivers have been clearing very quickly after each rain and it is important to stay on the move and not simply stay in one pool expecting fish to come through, you need to keep moving through and find your fish.  Our website has links to local Taupo river levels.

We have more rain on the horizon with very unsettled Southerly winds so the fishing should continue and October looks set to be the prime weeks for the rest of the Taupo Rainbow runs.

Wetlining the big lures seems to be picking out the bigger fish at the moment, the T.T had some very solid fish go up this week.  Lake Rotoaira is now open and has been fishing very well in between the squally weather - you have to pick your days but its well worth the effort.  Stripping the big black woollies on Inta and DI3 is all you need for the first few weeks up there.

There are hundreds of tourists driving around in campervans for the rugby world cup and hopefully many of them are getting a chance to have a fish as well.

Until next report, tight lines.