Taupo Flyfishing Report 20 July

Posted by admin on July 20, 2011

Taupo fly fishing got off to a great start last weekend. Local river levels receded from the earlier rains and the wet liners had a ball as the levels took a little longer than expected to lower and clear.

Most Taupo rivers were fishable and in excellent condition by Wednesday morning with the Tongariro, Tauranga Taupo and Waitahanui all producing good trout. This has worked out well as a lot of holiday anglers are visiting and have been able to spread out across lots of pools and locations.

At the moment the best wetlining flies are the Coneheads with that little bit of extra weight for the heavier flows: use quite big flies up to size 4# in the dirtier water . As the flows ease your standard Rabbit flies have been going well as have the Olive, Brown and Black Woolly Buggers  in sizes from 6# down to 10#.

Early mornings with the Glo Bugs are the way to go as the water starts to clear this week.  As the day goes on try changing to naturals as this will very often get the fish going again.  Try PTN flashbacks, Hare and Copper, and Cadlillacs in size 12# and 14#.

With the higher flows there is always an abundance of both white and green Caddis made available that get dislodged and free drift in huge numbers, these are an easy meal for trout and they waste no time in zoning in to these insects at such times. Try these in sizes from 10# to 12# in the slightly coloured water and go down to 14#s in the clearer water.

We had a reconnaissance up the TT on Monday and spotted a number of good rainbows.  Near the end of the day we saw plenty of anglers coming back down the track, most of them wet liners, with nice fresh silver bullets on the way to the frying pan or smoke house.

The river mouths will be worth trying this week as the lake starts to settle from the previous rains, and the moon is not so prominent .  There is some cold weather upon us so the ingredients are there for the local mouths to start performing for us.  The flies to try are Black or Olive Boobies in 10#s and Rabbits and Black Woolly Buggers in 8# down to 10#.  The best time is normally change of light and if you want to beat the crowds and get the best fishing then you need to climb out of bed and get to the river mouths just before day break.

As I write the weather forecast looks unsettled for the weekend so  get togged up and get out to enjoy those runs of rainbow trout.  These  are  the conditions we have all been waiting for so get out there and have some fun.
Tightlines till next week