Taupo Flyfishing Report 2 July

Posted by admin on July 2, 2012

We had a bit of rain around Lake Taupo early last week but not as much as hoped, and as such the fly fishing has been a little tougher with the rivers running clear.  In these conditions your best chances are getting up early while its still dark, or trying from about 3.30 in the afternoon till dark.

If out early try big dark Woolly Buggers in size 4 or 6 or Coneheads with rubber legs to help attract the trout.  It pays to test and experiment and even a bead-head nymph can work on the end of the sinking line.

There are still good numbers of trout with some of the best early runs in years, and as noted previously we are now picking up darker returning fish as well.

Waitahanui Winter Flyfishing 2012

There are now more anglers about as its the school holidays and its great to see kids out on the rivers.  This can mean you have to move about more for spots and of course be more tolerant of others in pools.

We were on the Waitahanui over the weekend with a group, and while it was stunning weather most anglers we spoke to on the tracks were finding it hard.  The wetliners did seem to be catching more, often at the tails of pools.  Our guys wanted to nymph and hooked a couple of 3 to 4 pounders, whereas we saw larger trout hooked on the sinking lines.

Bad weather is forecast for Taupo from tomorrow onwards for the rest of the week so the flyfishing could really pick next weekend.  If you are coming to Taupo this week, try the rivers mouths.  Then from Thursday and Friday hit the local rivers with the wetlines first thing and switch to Glo-Bugs around lunchtime.  As we've said before, even if the rivers seem to dirty you can still often hook trout on the edges.

Here's hoping for rain...