Taupo Flyfishing Report 18 May 2011

Posted by admin on May 18, 2011

The winter weather has been arriving from all angles over the last few weeks.  The rain and wind is cooling the Lake Taupo at a fast pace and encouraging the winter spawning trout to travel towards the river mouths to start the eternal and precarious journey upstream.

The winter flyfishing is now just starting to gather momentum as we head towards June.  As predicted not big numbers yet but some very good quality Rainbows and Browns are being caught locally.  The Western Bays of Lake Taupo continue to out perform the local Eastern side of the great lake.  This will change as we go into June and the Southern winds bring snow to the mountains that will cool everything down very quickly and fish will really start to congregate at the Eastern mouths.
Reports of a 10 ½ lb Rainbow trout and some very good Browns up to eight pounds from the Tongariro last week.  Wet lining with big conies and the double handers is where we are going to be over the next few weeks.  It's great to be out swinging the big lures and putting the scagit gear through its paces, can't wait !!!

Only a few weeks left of the backcountry and the rivers have been fairly high but we have been able to dodge the floods and have access to some cracking little spring creeks that have some awesome dry fly sport right to the end of the season.  An added bonus on these creeks is the big spawners that come up the creeks now, you never know what's round the corner...