Taupo Flyfishing Report 13 July

Posted by admin on July 13, 2011

The rain has come and what a difference it has made !!! We have had continuous rain all week and it is forecast to continue for another few days.  Those that have been brave enough to take on the weather and seek out water that is not too high have been rewarded with some great fishing.  Most local rivers had good solid runs of fish through and we have had some very positive reports of some very good sized fish being caught throughout the system.

Hinemaia River in Rain

The strong currents and high water have required nymphing big Glo bugs with lots of weight or wetlining big Coneheads.  The Glo bugs have worked well for catching numbers, but the bigger fish seem to have succumbed more to flyfishing big dark Coneheads with lots of rubber legs and the traditional big Woollies and Rabbits. 

With more rain forecast local Taupo and Turangi river levels will remain high now until the end of the week.  The actual weekend forecast looks very different at this stage and is saying sunshine, low winds, and milder weather again which could provide enjoyable conditions to get out with a flyrod.

With luck by  Friday the water levels should be dropping so the weekend could very well be a great opportunity to get out and enjoy what should be some of the best fishing this winter so far, we certainly know that good numbers of trout have gone up.  If you can time the Tauranga Taupo river just as it starts to clear with just a tinge of colour still left then that’s where I would be heading this weekend .
Good luck and tight lines.
Gary Lyttle