Taupo Flyfishing Report 1 Dec 2011

Posted by admin on December 1, 2011

The last few days of hot weather have been great for Taupo flyfishing, as guides we love being able to get out and sight fish on smaller streams.  As I write I can hear cicadas in the garden and there are caddis galore on local rivers.  Yesterday evening we fished a great rise and after dark shining the headlamp on the rocks revealed fat caddis crawling and flitting all over them.  They looked bigger than last year which bodes well for Taupo flyfishing over the coming summer months.

The backcountry streams have also been firing well with a few days of warmer weather boosting the insect activity.

Taupo backcountry flyfishing pool

The weather on Friday is meant to turn and in Taupo it does feel like rain coming this evening, but Saturday is meant to be sunny again.  Try exploring some of the smaller local Taupo streams, walking up and taking time to look for tails swishing in pools.  Many anglers don't wait long enough to survey a pool and in turn miss out on fish that might have otherwise fallen to a small natural or even attacked a woolly bugger.

As evening approaches look for the slower riffles on the sides or ends of pools and wait to see if a rise starts.  This can be fast and furious fun, even if some of the fish are a little smaller.  The Taupo fishery is just starting to hum and we are told it may be a long hot summer - bring it on!!!

Until next time - tight lines...