Taupo Fly Fishing Report 7 Nov 2012

Posted by admin on November 7, 2012

All the local Taupo rivers have been fishing well this past week with trout holding in the upper reaches.  There has been lots of sun with light breezes and the rivers are now getting lower and clearer which means you will need to start applying summer techniques, even though the wind off the mountains is still quite chilly.

A number of backcountry fishing spots within an hour or so drive from Taupo are also beginning to fire and we are lucky that there is so much water available the wilderness rivers don't get overfished.  The Brownie below was taken on the Whirinaki River.

Taupo Backcountry Brown Trout Nov 2012

We had our first Caddis hatch last week which was a great sign and there has been some good dry-fly activity in the evenings.  Sunset is around 8pm so the days are getting longer, if not much warmer.  Elk Hair Caddis and Klinkhammer dries are the ones to try.

The Tauranga-Taupo and Tongariro have good numbers of trout holding in the upper pools and the odd stories are coming back of pools in the upper TT dark with trout covering the bottom.  This is a rare occurrence but gives you fishing memories you'll never forget when you hook 10 to 15 trout out of one pool!  As always the Tauranga-Taupo can be temperamental and requires a bit of walking to find the fish, but if you stick at it you could have one of those days that your mates don't believe.

The Hinemaia and Waitahanui have been less reliable but still offering good sport and some fun stalking trout you can see in the water.  In the bright sun and lower conditions add another foot to your leader and consider going down a pound or two.  Stick with small natural nymphs and try Caddis variations.  First thing in the morning try right in under the banks before you wade out and you may be surprised what you hook.

Local river mouths have also fished well, especially the Waitahanui on orange and white Boobies.

The forecast was for sun right through to Tuesday but now its showing showers from Saturday onwards, so if you are here for the weekend get out as early as you can on Saturday or even give the Waitahanui River mouth a flick in the evening with a Woolly Bugger.

Tight lines until next time.