Taupo Fly Fishing Report 24 Aug 2012

Posted by admin on August 23, 2012

Local Taupo rivers are full of trout at the moment. This is the time of the year when there are the most fish in the rivers and streams as fresh spawners are still heading upstream and recovering fish are heading downstream. We are blessed in the Taupo district to have a year-round fishery and now is one of the best times to get out fly fishing.

The Tongariro, HInemaia and Waitahanui are all fishing well. The Tongariro has not had much fishing pressure which is great for those who are fishing it now. On Sunday afternoon in good conditions there was only one angler in the Bridge Pool which is quite unusual. It has plenty of solid fresh rainbows throughout the popular fishing pools at the moment and you can move your way up or down with ease. If you live south of Turangi then you really should head there this weekend and get some great fly fishing action.

When we are guiding we normally advocate catch and release, but when the runs are on the locals will often want to keep one for the smoker.

Tongariro Winter Rainbow Trout 2012

The Hinemaia has good numbers in it with many being dark. If you are happy with the sport and thrill of landing a trout, regardless of condition, then this would be a good choice too. Having said that, a 12 pounder was landed on the Waitahanui this week right near the road bridge and State Highway One.

As the waters are getting lower and clearer switch to lighter and longer leaders and smaller naturals such as flashback and hare and copper. As we often say in low conditions: apply summer stalking methods even though it is still winter. Spend a bit more time on the slower deeper waters and the edges of pools as recovering trout have less energy to expend in fast water. Don't wade straight into a pool but try a few casts from the bank first.

The river mouths are fishing well with the Waitahanui our pick. While you are standing out in the rip imagine that 12 pounder finning up between your boots!

It feels like Spring is in the air which makes for enjoyable fishing, although we had a frost this morning.

The forecast for the next week is fine apart from rain on Monday so this weekend will offer excellent fishing for those who make the trip, otherwise try Wednesday onwards.

If you are in Taupo this weekend there is the Winter Festival on with a Sled Dog race on Saturday evening as apparently its not cold enough for the dogs and they will overheat if they are racing during the day!  You might be able to get away with coming to Taupo fishing for the weekend as you can leave your family to enjoy the festival...

Wishing you tight lines and tall stories.