Taupo Fly Fishing Report 21 December 2011

Posted by admin on December 21, 2011

The wet weather in Taupo stopped on Monday and yesterday was hot with another sunny day starting here today.  This is good news for the fly fishing as the insect activity should boom following the wet weather.

Local rivers have been up with a little colour in some and this will have brought some pods of fresh fish up.  There are surprisingly few anglers out and about on rivers like the Tongariro so it’s a perfect time to get out exploring the rivers and casting to trout that have not been spooked by others.

The late afternoons and evenings will be good over the next few days for rises.  Try lighter gear on the caddis and you’ll have great sport picking up rainbows in the two to three pound range.  As the rises progress you should start seeing bigger fish and the odd brownie as well.

Learning to cast a fly

The rains will have brought more brownies into rivers like the Tongariro and Waitahanui so take time spotting from the banks instead of simply charging into the water.  If undisturbed you may find big browns in just a foot of water and tucked right in close to the bank.  Another option targeting big brown trout is to try a woolly bugger or rabbit on a sinking line after dark in some of the bigger Tongariro pools like the Major Jones or Hydro.

If you have a boat try casting with green beetle imitations along the Kuratau Cliffs at the southern end of the lake, or on lake Kuratau.  This can be fantastic sport when the rafts of beetles are on the water.  Here is one of our instructional videos which focuses on fly fishing a wet line from a boat

Otherwise try some of our backcountry streams within an hour or so of Taupo, following the bad weather you’ll find trout in the tails of some of the bigger pools and as the weather warms also in the oxygenated water of rapids and riffles.  Remember to check what waters are covered by the Taupo licence and what requires a New Zealand Fish and Game licence.

As we always say, move about and explore the water.  When the water is clear and the sun is up use longer, finer leaders with smaller naturals.  We’ll be out guiding and exploring over the next few weeks and will report back in early January.  We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year whether you are lucky enough to be here fly fishing in Taupo, or reading this from another country.