Taupo Fly Fishing Report 2 June 2012

Posted by RoyB on June 2, 2012

At the start of this week we saw another fresh through the Taupo river system which was great for the fly fishing.  All the rivers have been fishing well and as always it’s a case of moving about a little to find where the trout are holding.

A Fat Tongariro Rainbow Trout

The days have been calm and clear which means trying smaller glo-bugs and naturals during the day.  Apply similar techniques to summer fly fishing with longer lighter leaders and look for trout holding in obvious places.  The mornings are fishing well with wet lines and its just a matter of covering the water.  Make sure you bring a beanie and maybe even gloves as the mornings have been cold.  If you are not being taken by a local fishing guide make sure you drive carefully as the roads have been frosty.

All the eastern Lake Taupo river mouths have been fishing really well.  The Waitahanui rip has been popular as it is close to Taupo and has the extra bonus of big Brown trout lurking around it, try getting down there around 4pm.  The Tauranga Taupo has also provided some great sport with good numbers of well conditioned Rainbows, and the Hinemaia mouth is going well in the afternoons.

The weather has been amazing with clear calm days and amazing views of the snow on the mountains.  Whether you are experienced and stalking up a river, or a beginner trying their luck at a river mouth, this really is a magic time to be fly fishing in Taupo.

Rain is forecast for all of next week which will bring more trout round the river mouths and up the rivers so its looking good.

We’ve posted a new video of a fat fat Rainbow on our YouTube Channel so check it out and please share it if you like it.

Tight lines till next time.