Taupo Fly Fishing Report 15 December

Posted by admin on December 15, 2011

With a great deal of rain over the past few days alot of Taupo rivers have been high and dirty.  There have been some late spawning trout coming through in pods and if you can swing a wet-fly at the river mouths you'll enjoy some good sport. 

We have been able to get out fly fishing on some of the spring creeks during this weather and have enjoyed some impressive Mayfly hatches.

The stillwaters however have been enjoying some great fishing during the milder spells with big hatches of damsels coming off also some spectacular buzzer hatches this last week with the humid conditions.

Holly with New_Zealand wild backcountry rainbow trout

Green beetles have been blown on the lakes during the windy conditions giving those keen enough to get out some great top of the water sport especially over at lake Kuratau and the Western Bays on Lake Taupo itself.

Cicadas are now singing well during the small windows of brighter weather but will not be showing till the better weather arrives, conditions are indicating a good year for the Cicada with the numbers being held back with the colder weather. Once the weather changes over the next week or so however we should see some of these maginificent creatures airborne and hopefully on the water in good numbers.  The forecasters are still adamantly predicting a long hot summer lets hope they are right and we can all look forward to one of those dry fly bonanza years, we live in hope...