Taupo Fishing Report 9 June 2012

Posted by admin on June 9, 2012

As reported last week, the river fly fishing was slowing down a little in the Taupo catchment as the rivers got lower and clearer.  We said farewell to the Stillwater fishing at the end of May until October.  Below is one of the last big trout we landed before the season closed.

Luckily rain arrived midweek and the rivers were up again on Wednesday and Thursday.  The Tongariro was still running high and coloured on Friday afternoon with not many anglers about.  The trick when the water is high and dirty is to pull a large Woolly Bugger or Rabbit flies up the sides as fresh run trout will be pushed to the shallows where the current is less.

8 Pound Taupo Rainbow May 2012

All the local Taupo rivers have had good runs of both Rainbow and Brown trout earlier than normal this year.  They are all fishing well so if you are a local just go with your favourite spots.  If you are from out of town just stop in and ask the guys in Fly and Gun Hunting and Fishing if you are in Taupo, or Sporting Life if you are in Turangi.  I would be out trying the Tauranga Taupo river Sunday and Monday, then if the sun breaks through later in the week as forecast try the middle pools of the Tongariro.

The new moon made the river mouth fly fishing more challenging last week but the cloud and rain over the last few days has helped.  The Tauranga Taupo mouth is the best pick at the moment.

There are no more public holidays in New Zealand until October now and the school holidays don’t start for a few weeks, so the next couple of weeks are the perfect time to get to Taupo and Turangi and target some big strong fresh run Rainbow trout, with the odd Brownie thrown in to keep you on your toes.