Taupo Fishing Report 5 Dec 2012

Posted by admin on December 5, 2012

Fly fishing in the Taupo region has been getting better over the last few weeks with more options available including late spawners in the rivers, dry fly rises and smelting trout at the river mouths.  Some great conditioned recovering Rainbow trout are being caught around the lake edges and early Brown trout sre being seen in the rivers.  Lots of recovering Rainbows are around the drop-offs along Lake Taupo and can be caught right throughout the day on a smelt fly, as the photo below shows.

Lake Taupo Spring Rainbow Trout

The Tongariro River is still fishing very well, with lots of recovering fish being caught but a remarkable improvement in condition compared to just a couple of weeks ago.  The warm weather has brought on the insect activity which is benefiting the trout.  On a clear day you may see the odd bigger Brownie in the river and with luck even hook one.

The upper Tauranga Taupo and Hinemaia rivers have good numbers of fish being caught on small dark coloured naturals in size #14 and #16 nymphs.  Keep an eye out on the surface activity during the day as there has been some good dry fly sport on small Mayfly, Caddis and the Green Beetle.

Many of the river mouths have been a little hit and miss for many anglers recently as far as numbers go but some good quality fish are showing up for those that persist, Hatepe has been giving up some good sized Rainbows to 5lb this week on small Smelt patterns and small Olive Woolly Buggers.  Drop-offs such as Wharewaka point are offering some good sport from the shore or casting from a boat or canoe.  Some of these trout are full of smelt and like fat silver rockets.

We have had some great evening rises on most rivers this week although the cold winds have been holding them back over the last few days.  Rain and wind has been a spoiler but hopefully will pass in a day or two.  We are hoping the weather improves for friends arriving in Taupo to compete in the Half Ironman this weekend.

In the next week or so, if its been a good warm day then make sure you have a few Brown Beetle patterns and head out to a local stream for the evening rise.  Its great fun but the fish are getting pretty locked onto them later in the evenings and can ignore other offerings when good numbers of this insect are on the water.  You'll be gutted if you start hooking up and lose your last Brown Beetle, so take a few.

On the last few hot days the cicadas have been in full song which is an awesome sign of some great fly fishing in the Taupo district over the next few months - so bring it on!