Taupo Fishing Report 22 Nov 2012

Posted by admin on November 22, 2012

We've had a real mix of weather over the last ten days with a warm patch, then a cold snap that ruined my tomatoes, and then the last few days have been awesome with sun and temperatures around Lake Taupo over 20 degrees Celsius. And to top it off Mt Tongariro erupted yesterday creating some spectacular views. This is good for the fishery as the ash helps the aquatic plants grow, creating a boom in insect life for the trout.

If you have the time to pick your days then the fly fishing can be awesome. At the moment there are great options including late spawning Rainbow trout on the Tongariro and Waitahanui, good Stillwater action on Lake Rotoaira, action on the backcountry rivers, and a few dry fly rises!

Lake Taupo Sunset After Eruption

If you want to target fresh run Rainbow trout head to the Waitahanui or Tongariro early in the day and be prepared to walk. In the sunny conditions you can often see the trout in pods, often moving up through pools. A Woolly Bugger on a sinker early in the day, followed by small natural nymphs later on should do the trick. There are a lot of dark recovering fish too which will give you some sport and should be returned with care.

We had a couple of great days last week on the Whanganui River with over 20 fish each day, mainly between one and four pounds. Fishing a six weight rod is a lot of fun and there are plenty of mid-sized backcountry rivers like this within an hour or a bit more of Taupo. Remember you'll need a New Zealand licence, separate to Taupo, for most of these rivers.

Lake Rotoaira is also fishing well around the fringes with good fishing in weedy drop-offs. Try a small green Woolly Bugger or conehead variations with a flash of red in them. Rotoaira rainbows are famous for their hard fighting qualities. You'll need a special licence which you can get from the lovely ladies at the Turangi i-Site opposite the main roundabout and bakery.

The weather feels as if its turning tonight with the wind up and rain clouds brewing, but we've had a taste of summer and even reports of Cicadas singing in the bush which is a great sign.

Until next time, tight lines and Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends in the US.