Taupo Fishing Report 12th Nov 2010

Posted by admin on November 12, 2010

What a difference a few hot days can make, we've got bugs, Mayflies, Caddis and a Brown Beetle hatch all going on at the same time this week.

Andrew had a great day on Monday in one of the local trib’s not a spot where you expect to find many but when you do it’s usually worth the walk on Wednesday they spotted 5!!

Only landed two but what stunning Browns, and on a Beetle dry fly.

The same guys wanted to do an evening rise after tea so we took them fairly local and enjoyed a great hatch mainly Caddis but an abundance of Brown Beetle and for over an hour of frantic fishing landing 12 fish in short time.Just on dark we had a Spinner fall and this bought out the big boys to play another good Brown of 4 ½ lb plus a few more Rainbows made a great day's fishing.

Roy gave us the nod that smelting had started on the lake edges on Tuesday so we headed down to take a look in the evening saw quite a bit of activity close in the margins but a cold Westerly put an end to to it before we had a chance to string up.

Good to know its all about to go off.

Had a look at on of our favourite little Spring Creeks on Thursday to find some very good fish quite high up towards the limit, sippin down little Mays off the top like they were going out of fashion.

We're going to save that for next week for a very good friend of ours arriving next Thursday from Maryland .

On Friday we fished another Stillwater and saw the first Damsels of the season and witnessed an intense buzzer hatch that bought some very good overwintered Rainbows to the top , on went the floaters long leaders and small buzzers and Daiwls and we were in to some beatifull conditioned Rainbows going all of 8lb . Its gonna be an awesome summer if this continues.

Tomorrow we're heading to a little lake that should be going nuts on little beetles , this place we fish from float tubes and 3 weights casting under native bush, smaller fish but all on dries and on three weights give an excellent account of themselves.

Weather looking even better for next week so tight lines till then.