3 December Taupo Fishing Report

Posted by RoyB on December 3, 2010

Well everything is really starting to hot up now with temperatures reaching 32 degrees over the last few days, still a bit of wind around but the next weeks forecast is looking real good .

We had some anglers through last week who had Cicadas landing on rocks on the Mohaka River, Reports of Cicadas from other parts of the North Island this week, Ruakaturi and Mid Rangatikei .

Some will say they are to early, others will say it,s gonna be an awesome Cicada summer, me , I take it as it comes either way it will always be good !!!

Took Roy up to our favourite Stillwater last week and we found some huge Browns cruising the edges taking reed Caddis and Damsel cripples in just six inches of water you could see big backs and tails out of the water nail biting stuff !!!

We just observed this time and concentrated our efforts out on the boat, had a blast with some very well conditioned trout and one stunning “Chroma” around seven pounds.

gary chroma

Roy stillwater fight

Andrew took some guests out on a dry fly evening enjoying the first evening riverside supper, the fishing was a little slow due to a changeable wind on the night, but this dropped just on change of light and they landed some very nice Rainbows on big Mayfly Spinners.

The Brown Beetles are out on mass this year and gardeners are cursing them big time, Quite a few Green Beetle appearing on the lake edges last week, can’t wait to get out on the dries this week !!