24 December Taupo Fishing

Posted by RoyB on December 23, 2010

Big rains and strong winds for the last couple of weeks have put paid to a lot of backcountry fly fishing but after this present squall we will be straight into serious dry fly sport.

This last weather front will give a much needed fresh to all our rivers and the Cicadas will have had plenty of moisture to help emergence in what we hope will be big numbers.The evening rise has been very sparodic but Andrew and I were out last night and had an awesome fall of Mayfly spinner and late a strong Caddis hatch on change of light.  Plenty of good strong Rainbow trout on the chomp for most of the evening we didn’t finish till gone 10 pm !!

Stillwaters have been nothing short of awesome every time we have  been out, very early damsel and insect activity caused by a very early start to our summer has in turn lead to fish getting into seriously good condition.

Our attention now turns to the backcountry at this time of year and we start next week out into the wap waps with high expectations of some good terrestrial dry fly sport.  The Spring Creeks are now all open and will have good numbers of large Browns up in the surface layers and out in the open looking up.

Weather forecast is very good for the start of the year and hopefully the rivers will be in good order for what is our favourite time of year here in Godzone.

We will be away rafting backcountry for new years eve and day , our friends arrive from Belgium on our return so we’ll take this opportunity now to give all our friends our very best wishes for the new year ahead.