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We update this Taupo fishing report as often as we can to reflect the changing seasons, locations and techniques in the Taupo fishery.  If the rainbow trout have started running the rivers we'll tell you here, when the big brownies start rising to cicadas we'll let you know.  Add this page to your favourites, link to us on Facebook and pass this Taupo fishing report on to your friends.

Taupo Fishing Report 9 June 2012

Posted by admin on June 9, 2012

As reported last week, the river fly fishing was slowing down a little in the Taupo catchment as the rivers got lower and clearer.  We said farewell to the Stillwater fishing at the end of May until October.  Below is one of the last big trout we landed before the season closed.

Luckily rain arrived midweek and the rivers were up again on Wednesday and Thursday.  The Tongariro was still running high and coloured on Friday afternoon with not many anglers about.  The trick when the water is high and dirty is to pull a large Woolly Bugger or Rabbit flies up the sides as fresh run trout will be pushed to the shallows where the current is less.

8 Pound Taupo Rainbow May 2012

Taupo Fly Fishing Report 2 June 2012

Posted by RoyB on June 2, 2012

At the start of this week we saw another fresh through the Taupo river system which was great for the fly fishing.  All the rivers have been fishing well and as always it’s a case of moving about a little to find where the trout are holding.

A Fat Tongariro Rainbow Trout

Taupo Fly Fishing Report 25 May

Posted by admin on May 25, 2012

We have had an amazing week of calm clear weather around Lake Taupo.  A couple of mornings got down below zero degrees Celsius but then the afternoons were absolutely stunning with lots of sun and little wind. 

Although it really is the time of the year to be fly fishing up the rivers it can still be very pleasant to get out on Lake Taupo.  One client from London only had a short amount of time so we whipped him out to catch his first ever Taupo trout with the mountains as a backdrop, and then a celebratory beer followed at Jolly Goodfellows pub overlooking the lake.

Lake Taupo Rainbow Trout May 2012

Local rivers had another good run of fresh rainbows heading up after the rains at the start of the week.  As the good weather has continued through the week the waterlevels have come down again and the trout have greater visibility.  When the sun is out nymphing tends to work well, with small egg patterns in the morning being replaced by smaller naturals as the sun moves higher during the day.

Taupo Fishing Report 20th May

Posted by admin on May 20, 2012

Big rains this week including some very powerful Westerly winds have put another good pulse of fresh fish into the Local Taupo rivers.

Practically every local river is on fire with fish today, some of the best fly fishing witnessed for many years is happening right now! Everyone we have spoken to has reports of big numbers and stories of big trout landed and as usual bigger ones lost!  The weather is now great as can be seen below.

Lake Taupo as seen from Mount Tauhara in May 2012

Taupo Fishing Report 13 May 2012

Posted by admin on May 13, 2012

We are now well and truly into winter flyfishing mode in the Taupo district as local spawning rivers start to have good runs of fresh fish.

Unusually early runs containing very good numbers of trout have dominated the local news this week as we see the Waitahanui in fantastic form this month.  Some have even commented the current fishing is as good as it was twenty years ago !!!! All this despite the biggest moon and very low water levels!  The best times to fish are when there is rain in the catchment and the river flows increase.  Bookmark our page that lists good local websites showing real-time Taupo river water-levels.

Taupo Fishing Report 27 April 2012

Posted by admin on April 27, 2012

The Taupo fishery has had some very good runs of fresh run autumn spawners over the last few weeks.  Excellent sized and conditioned trout have been caught on the back of the last rains.  Taupo fly fishing rivers are now low and clear and are getting just a little more challenging, but we can report there are trout to be had by those who get out and try.  Some huge browns have now entered the Taupo system and can be seen throughout the lengths of most of our local waterways and also on the local stillwaters.  With winter coming use these local websites to monitor river levels and flow to see when the trout will be running.

Gazza and Mackie Lake fishing Taupo stillwater

Taupo Flyfishing Report 21 March 2012

Posted by admin on March 21, 2012

Flyfishing in the Taupo region has been going great over the past couple of weeks.  Now is a great time of year for diversity of methods with backcountry dry-fly, stillwater, river mouth and night fishing all giving good action.

Wild Taupo backcountry rainbow trout with cicada fly

Taupo Flyfishing Report 8 March 2012

Posted by admin on March 8, 2012

We had three good hot sunny days at the start of this week to keep the cicadas in the Taupo region chirping, although the cooler mornings meant they didn’t get going till around lunchtime.  The afternoon Cicada flyfishing has still been red hot but you really need to make the most of it now because once we get a few cold days in a row it could spell the end of this truly magical fishing. 

As noted in earlier fishing reports this has been the best summer for cicadas in a long time and we have been delighted to guide clients from Europe and US who have loved this special type of dryfly sight-fishing.  Never fear though as the stillwaters are fishing well even on cooler days, as the photo below and our latest big rainbow flyfishing video shows, and it only gets better as we are now about to start Passion Vine Hopper fishing.

Six and a half pound Taupo stillwater rainbow

Taupo Flyfishing Report 16 Feb 2012

Posted by admin on February 16, 2012

Well the Cicada season just keeps going and the fish are now getting competitive for the years biggest steak and chip meal !!!!

Just watching some of these big fish come and race across the current to smash these big dry flies is just awesome!!!! I get as much fun just watching peoples faces as these big mouths come out from the deep and engulf the dries, I love to see the faces of anglers when we put size 6# dry flies attached to 8lb leaders, “you gotta be kidding” sort of look !!!!

Its all on and it’s the best dry fly action I have ever witnessed!

Trophy Taupo Brown Trout on Cicada

Taupo Flyfishing Report 8 February 2012

Posted by admin on February 8, 2012

The flyfishing in the Taupo district over the last couple of weeks has been amazing.  We have had little time to tweet or complete a fishing report because we have been out there enjoying it with clients and friends.

The cicadas are everywhere and the trout are chomping them.  A true cicada summer happens only once every few years and this is the best flyfishing with dryfly cicada immitations that I can remember.  We've had a number of clients from the UK who have been lucky enough to experience this incredible fishing for themselves.

I also had the pleasure of guiding the President of Scott Rods and the CEO of Airflo while they were in New Zealand and although time was limited they had a taste of what the Taupo fishery has to offer.

Seven pound Taupo stillwater rainbow

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