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We update this Taupo fishing report as often as we can to reflect the changing seasons, locations and techniques in the Taupo fishery.  If the rainbow trout have started running the rivers we'll tell you here, when the big brownies start rising to cicadas we'll let you know.  Add this page to your favourites, link to us on Facebook and pass this Taupo fishing report on to your friends.

Taupo Fly Fishing Report 7 Nov 2012

Posted by admin on November 7, 2012

All the local Taupo rivers have been fishing well this past week with trout holding in the upper reaches.  There has been lots of sun with light breezes and the rivers are now getting lower and clearer which means you will need to start applying summer techniques, even though the wind off the mountains is still quite chilly.

A number of backcountry fishing spots within an hour or so drive from Taupo are also beginning to fire and we are lucky that there is so much water available the wilderness rivers don't get overfished.  The Brownie below was taken on the Whirinaki River.

Taupo Backcountry Brown Trout Nov 2012

Taupo Fly Fishing Report 26 Oct 2012

Posted by admin on October 26, 2012

After wet and windy weather over the last week or so, Thursday was calmer and today is stunning - sunny, clear with no wind.  All Taupo rivers are fishing well with lots of trout and less fishing pressure.  There are still good numbers of fresh spawners heading upstream, while lots of recovering darker fish are in slower pools as they make their way back out into Lake Taupo.

Less anglers are on the rivers because the local stillwaters and backcountry rivers are now open.  We have some great backcountry helicopter trips already booked in for January and we made this video for one client from the US who is literally counting down the days till he arrives.  If you've ever wondered what it feels like to fly up a backcountry river by helicopter then take a look.

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Taupo Fly Fishing Report 13 Sept 2012

Posted by admin on September 13, 2012

It's a stunning morning here in Taupo Thursday the 13th , as I type this latest Taupo fishing report. There is fresh snow on the mountains and ranges, the sun is coming up and there are only light winds. All Taupo rivers have been fly fishing well. The rivers are starting to recede which means be ready for some Caddis action!

The rain forecast last week came a little late and in short sharp bursts which you can see if you view the local Taupo river levels over the last seven days.

Fresh Snow View From Taupo 13 September

Taupo Fly Fishing Report 6 September 2012

Posted by admin on September 6, 2012

We've had some cold starts this week and Wednesday saw fresh snow on the ranges which looked stunning. Showers have been on and off which have moved small pods of fish up local Taupo rivers.

The main Taupo rivers have provided some good fly fishing with the Waitahanui having some very good fish caught throughout and some monster Brown trout seen in the upper reaches. In the upper river check the tails of runs before charging straight to the established fishing pools as you'll see fish holding in about a foot of water. Sight-fishing to these fish can offer some great fun, the video below shows a trout in a shallow Waitahanui run.

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Taupo Fly Fishing Report 24 Aug 2012

Posted by admin on August 23, 2012

Local Taupo rivers are full of trout at the moment. This is the time of the year when there are the most fish in the rivers and streams as fresh spawners are still heading upstream and recovering fish are heading downstream. We are blessed in the Taupo district to have a year-round fishery and now is one of the best times to get out fly fishing.

The Tongariro, HInemaia and Waitahanui are all fishing well. The Tongariro has not had much fishing pressure which is great for those who are fishing it now. On Sunday afternoon in good conditions there was only one angler in the Bridge Pool which is quite unusual. It has plenty of solid fresh rainbows throughout the popular fishing pools at the moment and you can move your way up or down with ease. If you live south of Turangi then you really should head there this weekend and get some great fly fishing action.

When we are guiding we normally advocate catch and release, but when the runs are on the locals will often want to keep one for the smoker.

Tongariro Winter Rainbow Trout 2012

Taupo Fly Fishing Report 10 Aug 2012

Posted by admin on August 10, 2012

The eruption of Mount Tongariro this week spells good news for the Taupo fishery.  In the 1980’s when we had a lot of ash fall it resulted in extra plant growth which flowed through the food chain and the trout a year later were noticeably bigger – so lets wait and see for 2013!! - thank you Mother Nature...

We have had a mix of weather over the past week or so and the local fly fishing has been hot on some days and less so on others.

We are seeing more jacks in the rivers which results in some great battles with trout smoking off down the river at a furious pace.  Even if you get broken off now and then you still get the excitement of the hook-up and of course you can add a few pounds to the size of the fish when you tell your mates about the one that got away.

Waitahanui River Mouth Evening Trout.jpg

Taupo Flyfishing Report 23 July

Posted by admin on July 23, 2012

We had about 48 hours of rain last week in the Taupo catchment which helped the fly fishing for a day or two but it was not enough to move significant numbers of fresh trout into the local rivers. Thursday was the pick of days to be on any of the major rivers and there were a few Brown trout being caught which always adds a bonus element of surprise.

Its been raining again since Saturday afternoon on and off, with some heavy falls in the evenings which is great. Rain is due all week and clearing Friday which is perfect for people coming for the weekend. This will be enough rain to get some good pods of fish running the rivers.  It could be some of the best fishing of the season from Saturday through to Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.

We have completed a Czech nymphing tutorial which is on our New Zealand Flyfishing Company Youtube Channel, and you can watch it below. This technique works well on the Waitahanui and Hinemaia rivers.

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Taupo Flyfishing Report 10 July

Posted by admin on July 10, 2012

We had some rain in the Taupo catchment middle of last week, it was not a lot but enough to move some fresh trout into the Taupo rivers and streams. Wednesday and Thursday were the best days to get out.

Since then the water has been low and clear and you can sight-fish to trout in rivers like the Waitahanui and Hinemaia. The days have been stunning with frosty starts, the photo below was taken at 9am with the eyelets freezing up every 15 minutes or so.

With the low clear conditions employ summer stealth methods and use small natural flies such as Hare and Coppers, Pheasant tails, Flashbacks, Green and White Caddis Nymphs and Cadillacs.

Iced-Up Fly Fishing Rod

Taupo Flyfishing Report 2 July

Posted by admin on July 2, 2012

We had a bit of rain around Lake Taupo early last week but not as much as hoped, and as such the fly fishing has been a little tougher with the rivers running clear.  In these conditions your best chances are getting up early while its still dark, or trying from about 3.30 in the afternoon till dark.

If out early try big dark Woolly Buggers in size 4 or 6 or Coneheads with rubber legs to help attract the trout.  It pays to test and experiment and even a bead-head nymph can work on the end of the sinking line.

There are still good numbers of trout with some of the best early runs in years, and as noted previously we are now picking up darker returning fish as well.

Waitahanui Winter Flyfishing 2012

Taupo Fishing Report 17 June 2012

Posted by admin on June 17, 2012

A fresh came through the Taupo system a week ago bringing new spawning trout up all rivers, but since then conditions have been low and clear.  Today (Sunday) was stunning with sun and little wind but with low and clear water you need longer lighter leaders, smaller flies, and more stalking.  If you find low clear conditions hard then try fishing the last two hours before dark when many pools lose the sun.  The upper Hinemaia is a good option for this.

If you have the flexibility to time your fly fishing after rains just when the rivers are receding you can have an amazing time.  If like most anglers you have to book ahead then it comes down to more a matter of luck with your timing.

There is rain forecast for four of the next five days around Lake Taupo so arriving in Taupo or Turangi to fish next Thursday for a few days could be a good option, if the weather does as it has been forecast.

As we have noted in earlier reports, there have been better than average early runs of trout, and this means now we are getting spent fish returning downstream.  This dark specimen was landed on Sunday on the Hinemaia.

Spent Taupo Rainbow Trout Showing Dark Colouring

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