Why come fly fishing the Lake Taupo region of New Zealand for trout with us

The New Zealand Flyfishing Company offers more because of a number of key points:

1.  We share 80 years of worldwide fly fishing experience between us in locations including New Zealand, Australia, Tasmania, Alaska, USA, England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales and France. 
2.  We use many innovative fly fishing techniques taken from other countries and the international competition circuit that are seldom used by other local guides in Taupo or New Zealand. 
3.  We cover a huge array of venues both stillwater and river to catch rainbow and brown trout.
4.  Our guides are skilled photographers and will capture that once in a lifetime trout in great photos.
5.  We tie our own innovative flies that can give you the edge if the going gets tough.
6.  We have all the modern equipment for you in all sizes.
7.  We are based in Taupo which is the heart of fly fishing in New Zealand.
8.  Gary is a certified Scott Professional Staffer
9.  Your total enjoyment of the New Zealand fly fishing experience is our goal.

Having been in the industry for over 15 years now and having fly fished in many beautiful places in the world we have come to acknowledge what is required from the more discerning fly fishermen and women throughout the world to make every day as memorable as possible from the fishing right through to smaller details.

We want you to enjoy every aspect of the day's fishing - that's our job !

If you're having a bad day casting, getting knots, missing strikes etc you won't ever feel intimidated, we're gonna smile with you and get you going again, there's always another chance round the corner.

We will take care that your lunch breaks and tea breaks are a relaxed and enjoyable aspect of the day, we won't be pacing the bank to rush your break and enjoyment of the moment.

We have, as you can see from our gallery, a huge array of waters that will give some of the most varied opportunities in the industry, from a purist sighted only trip to a day catching as many as possible, to stalking that trophy Brown... from fly fishing from a boat, float tubing a small lake edge, Heli, Raft, and Tramp.

We will put a package together that not only suits your wishes but also will take into account your skill levels.

We are able to assist in utilizing many more fish catching techniques that might not be availiable from run of the mill trout guiding operations.  These include Cheq Nymph, French Leader, Double Handed Scagit, Stillwater long leader, Sinking line and hang techniques.  We can teach you all manner of different styles that we have accumulated from our travels and also from the competitive side of the sport having represented New Zealand at International level.

These methods have proved absolutely invaluable on many occasions in New Zealand for both rainbow and brown trout, especially when fishing becomes more challenging.

To make your trip a permanent memory to take home we are all very skilled photographers.  Having worked with some of the best in the industry over the years we have gleaned a great deal of what makes a good photographical collection, not just a run of the mill fish shot. There is so much more that goes on throughout the day and so many opportunities of stunning landscapes, people, laughter, the preparation , the despair after a lost fish... it all makes a more fulfilling experience.

Many of our clients have become great friends over the years and return year after year for more.

We would like you to join us here in New Zealand and have trip you will remember with a smile forever !!!

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