Chris Power

Chris grew up in Wanganui and started flyfishing the Tongariro when he was 13 (over 27 years ago...).  In those days he and his friend Roy (bio below) had no waders and stood for hours on winter mornings up to their waist in the river wearing shorts and sneakersLuckily this had no lasting affect and he was still able to have three kids later in life!

Chris has also spent six years fishing the central Canterbury rivers, fine-tuinng his stalking and dry fly skills.  He now spends time between winter spawning runs on the Taupo rivers, and summer backcountry fishing in the Bay of Plenty backcountry.

Taupo Fishing Guide Chris Power with 8lb Rainbow Trout

Andrew Schuster

I was born and raised in Maryland, U.S.A , our parents introduced us at a very early age to our local rivers and streams and taught us all they knew.

I have since fly fished and guided in many parts of the United States and also Europe and Australia, the big draw however has always been New Zealand, it was here that I found a new obsession, Big Fish !!!!

I specialize in stalking and catching Big Browns and Rainbow trout whether it be Stillwater or running water, to me there is nothing that touches the adrenalin rush of getting up close and personal with huge trout.


Roy Bowers

Roy has been fishing the Taupo region since he was 11, firstly from a boat with his Dad and later with his old mate Chris (bio above) and other friends flyfishing the Tongariro river spawning runs.

Over the 34 years fishing the Taupo region Roy has seen the ups and downs of the fishery, new techniques arrive from overseas, and the growth in popularity of flyfishing nearby backcountry streams and rivers.

Aside from fishing, Roy loves filming and making fishing videos which can be seen on our Youtube Channel.

Roy Bowers Trophy Rainbow Trout

Tristan Chan - Webmaster

Tristan fishes for the pure joy of being outside. He is just as happy to sit on the boat and relax while someone else gets stuck into the work. His motto: "It doesn't matter how many fish you catch, as long as you brought enough beer" pretty much sums up his fishing philosophy.