Tongariro summer trophy brown trout

Seven-day adventure fly fishing New Zealand’s central North Island

In Taupo, we are blessed with some of the best fly fishing in the world.  Sure there are other places famous for monster trout, but few can offer so much diversity within an hour and a half of a central location.

Taupo is fortunate to be at the centre of New Zealand’s North Island which has a number of fishing catchments that offer a wide range of wild trout fishing.  This includes famous spawning run rivers like the Tongariro, monster trout stillwaters, spring-fed streams, backcountry rivers like the Mohaka, gin-clear creeks and more. If the weather is bad in the eastern ranges we can head west or south or north.  In every direction, there are amazing fly fishing opportunities. 

The itinerary below is a popular one for clients and outlines what is possible when staying in the beautiful Lake Taupo region. The adventures described are based on our summer season from November through April, but there are great options all year round. Each day requires travel of between 15 minutes and one and a half hours by car, raft or helicopter.

  • Day One:  Sight fishing to wild Rainbow trout in a gin-clear stream, the likes of which you have only seen in fishing calendars. For many, sight fishing is their favourite experience.  These streams allow us to get close enough to watch the trout feeding, then lay a fly up to them and watch the strike. As a bonus, we can teach you how to Czech nymph for even better results. A great end to the day is an evening rise.
  • Day Two: Rafting down a mighty river to fish pools surrounded by native New Zealand forest. The combination of rafting and fishing is truly enjoyable, with forest and cliffs and birdlife to enjoy as you float down to the next pool of the Tongariro or Mohaka River.
  • Day Three: Stalking monster Brown trout on the edges of a large river with plenty of space to do battle. Nothing gets the heart racing like seeing what you presumed to be a log slowly move upstream.  When your hands are shaking so much you don’t think you can cast properly, you know you are in a special place. As a bonus you can end the day enjoying an evening rise.
  • Day Four: Casting to rising trout as you sight them on the edges of an alpine lake. With insect life buzzing above weed-beds, you walk or float along laying out dry flies with a tiny nymph dropper in the hope the feeding Rainbow trout below will take a bite. This stillwater fly fishing is fun!
  • Day Five: Flying in by helicopter to some of the most untouched rivers in the world, to target hard-fighting wild Brown and Rainbow trout. The thrill of a helicopter ride into ancient forests sets the scene for a day you will never forget.  This is another day where you may get photos that you’ll want to frame and hang on the wall.
  • Day Six: Following your guide as he stalks big trout in a spring-fed river. You will sight-fish to some of the most beautiful Brown trout anywhere in the world.  The casts are short but you must be accurate or you’ll spook them. Once hooked all hell breaks loose and you’ll need all your skill and a little luck to land one of these behemoths.

At the end of a week like this you’ll need a day to rest and reflect.  You’ll have a pile of photos you can’t wait to show your friends, with the stories that accompany them. 

Instead of having to travel to a number of places to sample these different experiences, you can do it all from Taupo.  The scenery Is beautiful, and accommodation and restaurant options are plentiful. 

The bonus of spending a week with one guiding company is that you develop a good relationship as a team, where your guide coaches and spots for you. 

If you have a fly fishing bucket list, along with time and budget, then you’ll be hard pushed to find a better option than seven days based in Taupo.

Contact us to start planning your fly fishing adventure.

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We can customise any trip according to your personal preferences and experience. The New Zealand Fly Fishing Company provide all the gear, food and drink, and collect and return you to Taupo or Turangi.

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