Early winter spawning rainbow trout caught fly fishing

About the New Zealand Fly Fishing Company

Clients tell us they like our approach because we understand what they really want to get out of their New Zealand fly fishing adventure, and we genuinely care about each individual person we take fishing.

Our vision is to share our love of the amazing trout fishing and scenery around Taupo, Turangi and the backcountry with like-minded anglers from around the world. In addition, we love teaching fly fishing to beginners and families, in the hope they will begin a lifelong love of fly fishing and the outdoors.

Anyone can take you to a river to cast a fly. It’s the little extras given in the service and the subtle assistance delivered from our experienced guides that can take your fishing trip to that higher level of being truly unforgettable.

Our goal is to deliver customised fly fishing experiences that achieve the fishing dreams of our clients. We can’t promise you’ll land that monster brown trout, but we’ll get you close enough to present a fly to it. We can’t guarantee you’ll hook 10 fish a day, but we can take you to Taupo spots where its possible to hook lots of wild rainbows on a dry fly if the conditions are right.

Over the years we have pooled the talent and expertise of passionate anglers from NZ, the UK and the US. We’ve been able to combine the experience of our local guides who have been fishing the Taupo region since they were kids, with expats who have brought new techniques, methods and flies. It’s this combination, along with our genuine desire to give every single client a special experience, that sets us apart. Please¬†contact us¬†if you have questions about a possible fishing trip with us.