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Based in the central North Island of New Zealand we fish more locations, using more techniques to put you in front of hard fighting Rainbow trout and stunning big Brown trout.   We guide clients on a range of stream, river and lake locations suited to all fly fishing tastes and skill levels.  Enjoy the famous Taupo and Turangi fishery, and other unique North Island NZ wilderness spots, with guidance from one of our experienced, friendly and patient fly fishing guides.

We will share with you: 

  • secret ‘hotspots’ that you’ll never forget
  • subtle tips that can drastically improve your flyfishing success rate
  • fly fishing techniques not widely applied by fishing guides in Taupo or NZ
  • great photos to capture your New Zealand flyfishing memories forever
  • genuine commitment to make your experience with us amazing

Learn more about the options for fly fishing adventures with a great local guide and enjoy the fishing videos, photos and Taupo region fly fishing reports on our website. When you are ready to book your dream trout fishing trip with the New Zealand Flyfishing company, or if you have any questions, please Contact Us

We look forward to sharing our love of fly fishing in New Zealand with you.

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Check out our latest fishing reports:

Taupo Flyfishing Report 6 July

Posted by admin on July 6, 2011

Taupo's local smaller lakes and the remaining backcountry rivers are now closed for all fishing until October the 1st.  There are still lots of smaller Waikato Spring Creeks left open for flyfishing just an hour away.  They can offer excellent flyfishing this time of year with small nymphs and there is always a chance of bigger fish at this time of year. My favourite venues for the winter are these little crystal clear creeks because they offer so much variation and so many methods work from dries to spiders, sunken woollies and heavy nymphs all have their day.

Local Taupo waters are low and clear but I got some time in on the Tongariro today trying a number of techniques.

Taupo Fishing Report 20 June

Posted by admin on June 20, 2011

Local Taupo flyfishing is still very spasmodic, the cold weather we need for the spawning runs to really start has not yet eventuated, we are getting small squirts of fish coming through on the rains but not in the numbers we would normally expect for this time of year.  There is so much water within an hour or so of Taupo though that anglers are still enjoying some good flyfishing. 

11 pound 27 inch rainbow trout

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Its been an awesome start to the summer season and we still have days free for bookings for backcountry and Taupo adventures. Whether you want just a day or a longer fly fishing experience, we'll develop a plan just for you - Enquire Now

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