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Taupo fly fishing report 17 December 2019

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Rain arrived in the Taupo region today but we’ve had a couple of great patches of hot weather setting the scene for cicada and dry fly activity on our favourite Taupo rivers and backcountry hotspots.

Earlier in the month saw some great fly fishing action in the Tongariro River on dry-fly dropper rigs with size 14 and 16 Pheasant Tail Flashbacks down from a Parachute Adams. Be sure to fish the shallows before charging into a pool or run, because with fewer anglers stomping around, the trout are sitting in a foot of water in many places. Also cover the ripples and riffles at the tail of pools as we are finding fish taking flies out of nowhere – you literally can’t see any shadows in the water then a trout strikes right in front of you!

The Tongariro has had a lot of mayfly activity and we are looking forward to more insect activity with some hot evenings using the Sporting Caddis right on dusk. The current damp weather is not helpful for cicadas but it won’t be long and they’ll be everywhere for the trout to chow down.

The Waitahanui has some monster browns mooching around and the Tongariro has seen more moving up the lower river into town pools. If you are confident wading, grab a buddy and try a big dark streamer fly in the town pools round the Major Jones at night. Fishing from 9pm through to midnight can produce some brown trout you’ll never forget.

Backcountry fly fishing has been going well around the region, east, south and west. Within a one and a half hour drive we have so many great options that are only going to get better in the coming months. Make sure you have the correct Fish and Game licence as it’s a $5000 prosecution for not bothering to get the right licence.

We wish all our clients and friends around the world a Merry Xmas and all the best for 2020. We look forward to fishing with some of you soon, and love getting your fishing photos from other spots around the world.

Until next time, tight lines and good luck! Remember to send us any photos or stories via our Facebook page.