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Taupo fly fishing report 6 May 2018

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April’s been a great month in the Taupo region for catching big Brown Trout. Earlier in the month, we had clients landing brownies up to 6lbs in the Waitahanui (and losing bigger ones), while last weekend with the heavy rain anglers were catching even bigger ones in the Tongariro with a couple over 10 lbs reported.

The Waitahanui is holding a lot of big browns that have moved further up, so if targeting them head up Blake Road.  Sight-fishing and targeting the deep pockets of the pools is your best bet. Some good rainbows have arrived and are generally more catchable. For the fresh bows start at the highway bridge and walk up.

Small lighter-shade glo-bugs are working better at the moment, along with small hare and coppers with a heavy bomb or some locals use lead shot. The key is to get the flies down quick and while you’ll lose some gear you’ll also have a better rate of hook-ups. 

The rip has fished on and off the last couple of weeks, with local boats jigging off the drop-off getting some beautifully conditioned fish. Westerlies are forecast on the lake this week and next weekend is due for heavy rain, so the rip should fish well all week with a green woolly bugger or red rabbit. Give lumos a go if you stay after dark.

The Hinemaia tracks have been cleared with access to a number of ‘secret’ spots now clearly visible for all to see. The rains last weekend didn’t bring the expected numbers of fish, but they will arrive as the season progresses. The most successful fishing last week seemed to be round the bridge pools. 

We’ve not hit the Tauranga-Taupo yet but by all accounts with the rain last weekend, overnight and forecast in the next week, there will be fresh fish trickling through.

The Tongariro River has had a steady flow of small pods of rainbows heading up, with no major concentrations yet in any pools.  There have been a few changes in the river, with diggers working below the bridge pool and a number of large trees fallen in upper pools, so allow time to do some pre-season scouting when you first arrive.

Glo-bugs and flashbacks have been working well for rainbows when nymphing.  With the river dirty and high after rain the wet-liners and double-handers have been doing well swinging big dark streamers and rabbits.

Try a big glo-bug on the wetline and you may be surprised what you hook.  If you are down fishing and rain arrives, make sure you still give the river a go even if it’s coloured. There are more browns to come as well as the rainbows and they sit on the sides out of the main flow when its dirty. We’ve had beginners with short casts have heaps of fun on a wet-line when the river is high.

Until next time, tight lines and good luck! Remember to send us any photos or stories via our Facebook page.